Company Profile


PES Pte Ltd was established since 1989, with a vast experience in manufacturing and supplying of high volume parts to global company.


PES is a business solution provider company that provides technical, engineering, customer and logistic support services to companies that requires regional or global reach.


In 2016, PES established Industrial Product and Medical Aesthetic new businesses to capture new business opportunity, reduce business risk and increase stability.  With new added new business PES restructure it businesses into 3 main Strategic Business Units (SBU) – 1) Technical SBU; 2) Industrial Product SBU; and 3) Aesthetic SBU.


Technical SBU focus on supplying of high volume Parts, and providing Technical, Engineering and Customer Support.  Our business partner is from Singapore and China manufacturer and PES supporting the manufacturer managing customers mainly from Europe.  Our customers cover a wide spectrum of industries from Industrial Equipment, Medical Equipment, Office Applications, Automotive and Home Appliances.


Industrial Product SBU focus on supplying of power meter, industrial printer, and cable connection and accessories.  Our business partners are AGRO (Europe), Brothers (Japan), Crompton (USA), Hellermann Tyton (USA), MSI (USA) and Sigfox (France) supplying and servicing customers mainly from Singapore and Malaysia.


Aesthetic SBU focus on supplying of Aesthetic Device, Professional Derma Care and Cosmeceutical product.  Our business partners are D&C International (Korea), M.I. Tech (Korea), Hyundai Medical (Korea) – SkinCure  / VIOL, and Pharma Research Product (Korea) currently supplying, servicing and supporting customer mainly in Singapore and plan to expand to Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam in the coming future.


We are GPDMDS certified company, and licenced importer and wholesaler for Medical Device.  Our commitment to QUALITY will always be the primary interest in satisfying our customers’ needs.





Award: PES is ISO9002 certified