Return, Balance up your skin by

Activating self-skin Regenerative Power


Rejuran Healer that regenerates skin cells from deep inside is a “New concept of skin healing booster” for your skin that makes skin healthy and beautiful by delivering polynucleotide to dermis to improve physiological condition of damaged skin inside


Key Ingredient – PN (Polynucleotide)


  • Optimal molecular weight of DNA fraction for skin rejuvenation
  • Heat-resistant properties
  • Safe and stable with Good biocompatibility
  • Long lasting and scaffolding effect
  • Restores extra cellular matrix by activating self-regenerating power and improve skin condition fundamentally from deep inside


Advantages To Your Customers


  • Excellent Recovering Effect – Improve skin’s own regenerative capability
  • Improvement on Skin Elasticity – Complement elastic Fibers
  • Recovering of Skin Balance – Improve Skin Tone and Texture by balancing between oil and moisture inside of skin
  • Proven Safety – Biocompatible substance, No adverse reaction
  • Quick Effectiveness and Short Downtime


Suitable for


  • Those who desires to have freshen and tighten facial skin
  • Those who does not want Filler or Toxin anymore
  • Those who has fine wrinkles on their face
  • Those who want something new
  • Those who experienced side effects caused by other treatments
  • Those who has sensitive and thin skin
  • Those who desire for a natural and healthy skin


Let’s Partner


More than 30 clinics in Singapore have introduced Rejuran Skin Healer to their customers. PES is the Registrant, Licensed Importer and Wholesaler, and Exclusive Distributor for Rejuran.  We have registered with HSA under the Singapore Medical Device Register (Reg. No. DE0500702).


We look forward to discuss how we can partner with you to offer Rejuran to your customers and gain market share.  Contact us Now